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What Photos Should Be On Your Website?

  Photo of your storefront, so potential customers can recognize it when they visit your business. Credit: F D Richard’s Flickr Photo Stream.  

What Photos Should Be On Your Website?

  Photo of what your business sells. Credit: Glenn Gould’s Flickr photo stream.

What Photos Should Be On Your Website?

  Picture of you and your staff.  Potential customers like to see who they are dealing with. Credit: Andy Milford’s Flickr Photo Stream.


Customers visit business websites seeking businesses they can trust to deliver a solution to their problem. Meet this, & maximize your chances of them contacting you. Thus, your website should have the following information below that shows you can be trusted to deliver your solution, product or service, to them, which will convince them to contact you:

Welcome to ABC Business Section: We Solve Your ______ Problem

In this section, have a headline that grabs your visitor’s attention.  This section then elaborates what problem(s) your business solves for them and the benefits they get from doing business with you (“what’s in it for them” ).

The information here should be easy to understand.  You want your potential customers to know how you can help them within 3 seconds of arriving at your website; otherwise, they may leave your website.

You should also have at least 3 photos of your business, either as part of a slide show, or on your website.  Photos help sell your business.  The minimum three photos are:

  1. Photo of your storefront so that they recognize your business when they come by to visit your business.
  2. Photo of the the business owner and/or team.  People like to see the people behind the business that they’re looking to do business with.
  3. Photo(s) of your product(s) or service(s) that you provide.

And decide on what colours you would like for your website. These colours would usually be the same colours that make up your business logo.

About Us Section

Boss and staff | Noticedwebsites

Joe Smith, Owner of ABC Business, with staff.

The About Us Section is usually the second most visited area of a website—potential customers like to find out something about the people behind the business. Hence, it’s important of have a picture of you, as the business owner, in this section, and also some personal information about you as it makes you human and not a faceless corporation or business. Information you could include in this section: – something interesting yourself, your hobbies or family information, etc. – why you started your business, its history, your business philosophy, etc. – information about your training, credentials, years of experience, etc. as it relates to your business. – interesting or unique fact about your business (number served, first to…., etc.).

List Your Services or Products & Its Features & Customer Benefits Here:


Your Product/Service 1

Briefly describe product/service1 features and its customer benefits.

Your Product/Service 2

Briefly describe product/service1 features and its customer benefits.

Your Product/Service 3

Briefly describe product/service1 features and its customer benefits.

Trustworthy Section

In this section, give evidence of your trustworthiness and competence which could include:

  • Testimonials
  • Samples of completed work
  • Credibility badges/membership
  • Awards
  • Indisputable data (e.g. we meet ISO standards in producing our products)
  • Social Proof (likes, follows, Google Pluses, number of subscribers, etc.)

Consider presenting some sort of an offer to entice your potential customers.  The offer could be:

  • a loss leader
  • reduced pricing for a first time purchase
  • draw for a gift
  • free trial
  • a free report (e.g. “how to save money on your taxes by maximizing your tax credits” if you’re a financial planner)
  • mention a secret password for special pricing
  • initial free consultation
  • include free bonuses, etc. etc.

You can also state your guarantee here, if you have one, to further strengthen your offer and trust.

Customers Usually Want to Know a Business's Location & Hours:

Give directions to get to your business by car, public transit, and parking information here: To visit us, take Jones Road, east to…. Street parking is available or park at one of  our four storefront parking stalls. If you’re in a metropolitan area, list the neighbourhoods you serve (e.g. We serve Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley, Daly City  etc. if in the San Francisco area).

ABC Business 123 Somewhere Street Anytown, Province Postal Code (604) 123-4567

Hours of operation: Mon:  9am to 4pm Tues:  9am to 4pm Wed:  9am to 4pm Thu:   9am to 4pm Fri:     9am to 4pm

Finally, A Call to Action Section

In this section, ask people to call you, visit and/or email you.  Give them multiple ways to contact you.   If they are not contacting you, consider offering an incentive to get people to contact you, such as, for example: Call us today at (604) 723-1234 for a free, no obligation estimate or mention password “#ABC Business” to get 15% off at time of sale, etc.

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